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2007 October
Socialize with ease at cocktail parties with one free hand plates
Some called them mingle plates, cocktail plates, wine & dine plates or one free hand plates; but the name does not really matter. Once you use it... Read More

2006 July Episode HIHH3-S06 Air Times:
7/2/06 @ 10PM ET/PT; 7/3/06 @ 2AM ET/PT; 7/9/06 @ 5PM ET/PT; 9/23/06 @ 6PM ET/PT; 11/4/06 @ 6PM ET/PT
Home & Garden Television (HGTV)
Interview at the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. Filmed March 2006.

2006 HOME/LIFE Section Page D3
Pantagraph / Bloomington, IL
Hold a drink and appetizers on the same plate. A hole in the center holds a stemmed glass, can or cup.

2006 March/April: pages 18-19
Catering Magazine
Superior, CO - based Social Plate develeoped a plate that makes it easier to hobnob at events. This product solves the problem of trying to socialize, eat and drink by leaving one hand free. Simply put your hand underneath the plate and slide your thumb through the designated opening. Stemware, cans and plastic ware fit perfectly and your guests and clients can carry multiple food and beverage items all at once, according to the company. Disposable and recyclable, this product is perfect for a quick clean up. For more information, visit

2005 April: volume 14, issue 12
Leading Caterers of America
This is one awesome new product that solves the problem of trying to socialize, drink and eat with one hand. MORE...